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CRYSTAL CABLE is market leader and "innovation driver" in all major Energy and Telecom cables business activities. Backed by the rich heritage of business experience in electric associated with power transmission and distribution systems since 1951, CRYSTAL CABLE INDUSTRIES began with manufacture of House Wiring Cables in the year 1979. From this small beginning the burning desire to grow resulted in expansion and proliferation of product range.


The range now includes PVC control cables, Power Cables upto 6.6 kV, Railway Signalling Cables, Heat resisting PVC Cables, various types of Elastomeric Cables Aerial Bunched Cables and XLPE Power Cables upto 33 kV. These products thus entered into new area of applications spread over diverse fields such as different types of Power Stations, Petro-Chemicals, Steel Plants, Mining, Telecommunications etc. The Company’s ceaseless endeavour to continuous QUALITY improvement, customer Service Orientation, etc. were soon regarded by the esteemed Customers through their various approvals and continuous confidence.


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