Aerial Bunch Cables

Crystal Cable is the quality manufacturer of the Aerial Bunch cable.



Trend is moving towards using ABC cables in place of underground cable in power distribution network. ABC are much lighter, economically feasible and higher current rating of at least 10 % more than underground armoured cables. ABC are either Low Tension or High Tension Grade.

ABC aluminium conductors are mainly XLPE insulated and each core are twisted round a aluminium alloy bare stranded conductors called MESSENGER. The Messenger conductor facilitates suspension of the cable on hooks and clamps in street lighting poles.


Hooking and pilferage of power is prevented. There is also vast advantage of continuous power supply in the event of storms and blizzards.

Installation of AB Cable is simpler and much cheaper than the underground cables. Cable accessories are also cheap.The installation time is much less. ABC Cables are manufactured as per Indian Standards and Overseas Specification.