Power Cables

Crystal Cable is the quality manufacturer of the Power cable in the XLPE arena ranging form 1.1 kv to 45 kv along with the sizes upto 1000 sqmm.

HT XPLE Power Cables


HT XPLE Power Cables: Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulated Electric or XLPE Power Cables

- HT voltage grade are 3.3Kv, 6.6Kv, 11Kv, 22Kv and 33Kv

- Extra High Voltage (EHV) 66Kv, 132Kv, 220Kv and 400Kv

- Ultra high voltage (UHV) above 400Kv



- Heavy Duty – IS 7098 (Part 1)

- HT Cable XLPE Cable – IS 7098 (Part 2)

- HT ABC generally as per IS 7098 (Part 2)

- International Standard for both HT & LT IEC 502 (Part 1) for LT & (Part 2) for HT



LT Power Cables

LT-POWER CABLELT Power Cables: LT Cable is of 1100 V, which is generally used in the domestic purpose for around 230 V and in industrial purpose for 430 V. Normally construction for LT power is 3.5 core where the 3 power cores are identified by the pigmented compound Red, Yellow and Blue and neutral core is Black which does not contain power but utilized for earth in and fault protection purpose.

The power core is also called the main cores and neutral core, which is of reduced cross section is also called half core.




- LT Cable – PVC cable upto 1100v

- Heavy Duty IS 1544 Part 1

- Normal Duty IS 694

- ABC IS 14255


Components of LT Cable:




Copper Conductor


Aluminium Conductor



PVC Insulation



XLPE Insulation



Steel Round Wire Armour



Steel Strip Armour



Steel Double Round Wire Armour



Steel Double Strip Armour



PVC Outer Sheath




ABC aluminium conductors are mainly XLPE insulated and each core are twisted round a aluminium alloy bare stranded conductors called MESSENGER. The Messenger conductor facilitates suspension of the cable on hooks and clamps in street lighting poles. Hooking and pilferage of power is prevented. There is also vast advantage of continuous power supply in the event of storms and blizzards.

Installation of AB Cable is simpler and much cheaper than the underground cables. Cable accessories are also cheap.The installation time is much less. ABC Cables are manufactured as per Indian Standards and Overseas Specification.